Peak Pound Partnership

The Peak Pound Partnership is a great scheme for us and for small local businesses - especially those providing accommodation and food and drink. It works by you asking your customers if they would be willing to add an extra £1 to their bill as a donation to our charity.

Here's a great example of how it works at Shaw Farm Holidays


Flexible and free!

Being a Peak Pound Partner costs you nothing. Every quarter we'll write to remind you to collate and send us any donations (and we'll send you a receipt). The scheme is very flexible and you can choose how you work it to suit you. For instance, some businesses 

  • have a tick box on customers' bills to show that they wish £1 to be added - both online or on paper
  • mention it to customers as they pay in person
  • simply have a collection tin in reception or accommodation areas with our leaflets

Some of our supporters match the support of their customers pound for pound, and double the money we receive!

As a local business we'll offer you promotional opportunities, including a link on our website, because we believe support goes both ways.

Please contact Julie Gough if you want to get involved.


Our Peak Pound Partners