Sponsorship and advertising


Advertise and help your local charity

Our prestigious twice-yearly Peakland Guardian magazine is sent to all our members and is distributed throughout the Peak District in shops and information centres, as well as at the many shows and events we attend. Peakland Guardian is a glossy but serious read for people who really love and care about the Peak District.

We have only a small number of advertisements, so you get maximum impact for yourr message. Our advertising rates are very attractive, and there's a discount for buying slots in more than one issue in a year. It's a great way to get your message heard - and be associated with a prominent local charity.

Or sponsor us...

We organise a number of public events each year where you could help us, whilst getting your name linked with an important cause and respected charity. We offer a range of sponsorship packages. We can include you in an invitation mailing to over 1000 people; put your logo on our website and event literature; invite you to the actual event; offer potential publicity and media coverage and after post event promotion. 

Contact Julie Gough to find out more.


Or support us by donating your products

You can also support our events by offering us a present or raffle prize for our major events and our show competitions. 

Other ideas welcome...

We're a small, responsive charity, and always open to new ways of working together. Please get in touch with Julie Gough if you've got any brainwaves!