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Monday 8th July: 10am – 4pm: Moorland Discovery Centre, Longshaw Estate

Our Peak District Boundary Walk has been praised as beautiful, different, interesting and challenging. But it has not been hailed as particularly accessible. Even where there are flat sections on good wide trails which would be suitable for wheelchair users they can be made inaccessible by having stiles at either end.

Therefore, we wish to generate ideas and create a list of improvements which would help make the route more accessible in places, and over the next few years, implement as many of the recommended improvements as possible. In order to improve access we first need to carry out an audit of the whole route.

Thanks to Friends’ member and contemporary folk artist Sue Prince, who generously donated monies from her Derbyshire Open Arts events, we now have sufficient funds to pay for up to 30 people to be trained in how to carry out an access audit.

The one day training will equip participants to:

  • Assess routes from the perspective of people with hearing, vision and/or mobility impairment, autism, learning difficulties and dementia.
  • Assess, not just the facilities on the route, but also the information provided and the services offered at each stage of the customer journey.
  • Take photographs to illustrate an audit report with recommendations for improving accessibility where possible.
  • Make recommendations for low-cost ‘quick wins’ which can be achieved easily and quickly as well as medium and longer-term improvements which will enhance the walk.

We hope that by training as many people as possible to carry out the audit, we will (a) raise awareness of access issues and potential barriers faced by disabled people, (b) generate ideas for improvements to the boundary walk, and (c) enable us to raise additional funds for developing the route.

If you would like to take part in the access audit training, and carry out an audit of a section of the boundary walk, please do get in contact with us. Email