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Seventy-three affordable houses, as a mix of shared ownership and rent, on the east side of Buxton, off Tongue Lane, is good news. In principle we support it but we do have concerns about the overall sustainability of the proposal.

The development would cover only part of the allocated land which is currently a green field site and offers local people a space where they can enjoy nature and fresh air. The value and loss of this important space has not been recognised and it requires compensation. The remainder of the allocation to the east, with land extending north/northeast around the edge of Buxton to Local Wildlife Site Cunning Dale North, should we believe be retained for local amenity. This would fit well with the buffer zone for Ashwood Quarry.

Although High Peak Council’s expectation is that the whole site would eventually be built on for housing, more could be done on half the allocation. The density of the proposed development is low at 29dwellings/hectare. Higher density housing of 35-50dwellings/hectare would not only conserve land and provide support for high quality public transport and local shops, but would also make space available for some mixed use development or green space and mean less of the allocation would ultimately be needed.

Car parking provision takes up too much space too and, with a site so close to local schools shops buses and other local services, should be limited to one space or less per dwelling.