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Excessive limestone quarrying is well and truly a thing of the past at Backdale quarry on Longstone Edge. We’re celebrating the fact that the European Court of Human Rights has just refused to hear an appeal from the landowner Bleaklow Industries. This means that after years of legal wrangling, Longstone Edge can no longer be damaged by illegal and excessive extraction of limestone, which is brilliant news.

However, the original 1952 planning permission allows the extraction of vein minerals (mainly fluorspar) and a small amount of limestone. This is still in force and covers Backdale and other sites on Longstone Edge at Wagers Flat, Peak Pasture and Beacon Rod.  

So whilst we are over the moon that the legal uncertainly is over in relation to limestone quarrying, we’re urging the Peak District National Park Authority to make Longstone Edge really safe – either by acquiring the mineral rights or by revoking the original planning permission.