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We welcome the development of the Bakewell Neighbourhood Plan which is nearing completion following a sustained effort by all concerned. This has required Bakewell Town Council to build an evidence base, engage the community and write the Plan, which is not an unsubstantial task. The ‘pre-submission draft’ will now go on to an independent examination, and if the examiner is happy with it the Plan should be made.

As the Plan sits within the context of the National Park’s Local Plan it has strong policies to conserve the landscape, and the built and green infrastructure of the town. It also recognises the need for more affordable housing and, working with the National Park Authority, has identified land near Lady Manner’s School. This builds on an adjacent site which already has permission for 30 affordable homes.

A range of non-planning ideas put forward to help improve the town for the benefit of everyone has been picked up in the boxes ‘Ideas for a brilliant Bakewell’. These are most important to pursue as many of the issues cannot be remedied through land use planning.

The Plan’s emphasis on improving the pedestrian experience fits well with the Transport Hierarchy which broadly mirrors the carbon footprints of different modes of travel, and their inclusiveness of each mode for all in society, putting walkers cyclists and buses ahead of cars. Like the residents we support measures to better manage the traffic and to provide better public transport, active travel opportunities and schemes such as Mobility as a Service.

Click here to read the draft plan.