In Boundary Walk

At the start of Stage 20, the boundary walk skirts the edge of the now famous Toddbrook Reservoir at Whaley Bridge. Understandably, there have been some path closures.

We received the following advice from a local walker, Michael Marchington, which you may wish to take note of if you’re planning to walk Stage 20 anytime soon. The situation may change because the Canals and Rivers Trust and Derbyshire County Council are talking about what to do, but at present there is a diversion from the usual route coming out of Whaley Bridge between the Memorial Park and where the route crosses Macclesfield Road at the end of Reddish Lane.

There are currently two options:

  1. Under (2) in the book, instead of going up the steep path to the BMX park, it might be simpler to go along the top path in the Park and work you way up to the left of the football field, passing some old garages and onto Park Road. At the end of Park Road, go right past the Primary School and along a path between the houses and the school. This leads you onto the modern-ish estate, where the road goes to the left and then up to the junction with Reddish Lane. Turn left here and walk about 150 yards to cross Macclesfield Road and onto the normal route.
  2. An alternative route would be to stick to the lower path through the park, walking near to the River Goyt, and straight ahead until you reach the park gates – which are open. Go through these, and turn right up Macclesfield Road. When you reach the junction with Reddish Lane, turn left over a stile and onto the normal route.

Currently, the route into Whaley Bridge, at the end of Stage 19, is not affected.

Please email Julie if you have any further updates or advice on this section of the route. Thanks.