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Sorry that rain stopped play and Cliffhanger was cancelled…

Thank you so much to Cotton Grass Theatre, Alpkit and Heason Events for trying to make it happen.

We’re just about ready for our story telling teepee at Cliffhanger this Saturday 7 and Sunday 8.

Thanks to all the volunteers, actors and authors who are coming down to support us – and to Alpkit for lending us the teepee.

The tents are up and the haybales for sitting on will be there soon.

Do come down, hear a story, buy one of Saskia’s cakes and say hello.


Story telling teepee running order


12 noon  Cotton Grass Theatre telling stories

1pm       Cotton Grass Theatre telling stories

2pm       Sarah McNaught

3pm       Berlie Doherty and Alan James Brown

4pm       Mark Wallington

5pm       Sam Priestley


12 noon  Cotton Grass Theatre telling stories

1pm       Cotton Grass Theatre telling stories 

2pm       Pauline Chandler

3pm       Phil Coggins

4pm       Linda Lee Welch

5pm       Stephen Booth and Simon Beckett