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The latest news from our planning officer John King about the Cowdale Public Inquiry is that it seemed to go well last week – but that this one is going to run and run… probably until September. 

The Planning Inspectorate had set aside seven days for the Inquiry. It took four days last week to hear from High Peak Borough Council, us and the 16 other objectors to plans for the inappropriate bottling plant. Many thanks to all the people who gave evidence about the terrible impact it would have on our much-loved countryside at Cowdale Quarry near Buxton. Thank you also to everyone else who turned up to give their support.

Now the developers, Express Park Buxton, are bringing on ten witnesses to give expert opinions on issues such as the economics of the water industry. With only three days left, the Inquiry will have to resume in September so that all they can all be heard. We think this is unnecessary, both in terms of the content and the number of witnesses.

A decision isn’t expected now until the autumn.

For more information, contact John King.