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On Saturday 25th October at 6.30pm for 7pm start

If you’re passionate about our green and pleasant land, help support the work of Friends of the Peak District as we celebrate our 90th anniversary, by attending this special lecture given by Dame Fiona Reynolds. 


The lecture will describe the inspiration behind the countryside conservation movement and the challenges we face in protecting our beautiful landscapes for the future. 

Dame Fiona reversed 430 years of tradition when she became the first female master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge in September 2012. She was previously a Director General of the National Trust, held posts at CPRE and the former Council for National Parks, and is also a very keen walker.

Fiona’s lecture will describe the campaign for beauty which has shaped the conservation movement in Britain, born out of the clash between beauty and industrialisation. The campaign led to the establishment of National Parks, nature and countryside protection, the safeguarding of historic buildings and monuments, and the gradual ‘greening’ of farming and forestry policy as these industries, too, industrialised in the twentieth century.

Today there is as stark a choice as in the nineteenth century, as politicians compete for credibility on the economy, making the things we care about but can’t put a material value on vulnerable once again.

In a world now facing climate change, the lecture promotes ‘beauty’ as a way of looking at the world that can help us find solutions to living more sustainably, valuing and protecting the things we depend on that money can’t buy.


Buy your tickets now…

Tickets cost £10 (includes light refreshments). Click here to buy online.

Or contact Julie Gough on or call (0114) 279 2655.

For directions to the Cantor Building, visit the Sheffield Hallam University website