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Derby Lane is a fine walking and horse riding route that crosses the White Peak landscape between Monyash and Long Rake, giving access to the historic landscape of Arbor Low. The northern half of the route is a wide well-surfaced stony track. However, the southern section is a broad grassy lane with wide verges lying initially between stone walls, and then crossing green fields with no definitive route on the ground. It is this latter section that is vulnerable to damage. Already there is rutting and pooling of water on the softer surface over a wide area from off-roading.

The National Park Authority is consulting on a permanent TRO permanently banning all recreational motorised vehicle users. This is a pre-emptive strike, which we welcome, as it would prevent further and future damage to Derby Lane. If you wish to respond to the consultation you have until 5pm on Friday 10 June. The documents can be viewed at