Following a public inquiry, Brushfield has been determined to be a bridleway, however this result has been subject to a legal challenge. We now await the outcome of further hearings.

The lane leading from Upperdale in Monsal Dale to Brushfield near the A6 Buxton Road is an area popular with walkers. The steep section rising from Monsal Dale is in a bad condition with loose stones and is in places down to bedrock. It is valued by horse riders as the only route connecting Cressbrook, Longstone, Ashford and Bakewell area with the White Peak towards Taddington and the plateau beyond Brushfield. We consider that vehicle use is incompatible with use by walkers and horse riders, and are encouraging the Peak District National Park Authority to ban motor traffic rather than implement a permit system. However the status of the route has yet to be determined and until it is there is no point in determining long term management – if it is, as we suspect, a bridleway then vehicular rights of way would automatically be extinguished.