Jacob’s Ladder is a narrow winding lane commencing in the village near the church and ascending through woodland towards Eyam. The evidence from residents and visitors for closing the lane to motorised traffic is compelling. Its ancient cobbled surface has been completely destroyed. Derbyshire County Council has twice repaired the lane but this is a short term measure which does not address unsustainable use or the conflicts that arise between those using motorised vehicles and other more vulnerable users. The steep ascent with poor sightlines makes the lane inherently dangerous to be used by horse riders and pedestrians whilst vehicles are permitted to use it. Local people are now intimidated into using what was a treasured amenity. The Parish Council has been asking Derbyshire County Council to take action to manage the lane appropriately for twenty years but to date no action has been taken, despite a local resident having been knocked down by a trail bike recently. We understand that a consultation by Derbyshire County Council on how to manage use of the lane is imminent – watch this space!