Swan and Limer Rakes provide a circular walk from Hollinsclough in the southwest Peak in Staffordshire. Limer Rake is an old packhorse route providing the right of way to several fields. Increasing use by vehicles has led to the surface becoming deeply eroded and rutted with loose stones on loose earth, boulders and rock steps. Adjoining walls have been broken down, banks have been undercut and the roots of trees have been exposed and torn. The erosion is now so deep that field gates accessing the lane stand high above the level of the Rake. The original stone drains, which carried water away at several intervals into adjoining fields are now above the surface of the lane and ineffective. Consequently water now flows down the Rake itself, adding to the erosion and moving rocks and soil down the hill into Hollinsclough village. Swan Rake between Home Farm and the turn off to Limer Rake is vulnerable because of the amount of damage to the road from water run-off from Limer Rake, which has created a deep rut which would be dangerous to vehicles or cyclists moving at speed. Further up the hill Swan Rake has a series of rock steps between 35 and 60cm in height. At present we are trying to get Staffordshire County Council to consider the management of these routes.