The Roych near Chapel-le-Frith is a 3.5km section of the Pennine Bridleway, a national trail dedicated principally to horse-riders but also used by cyclists and walkers. It is an extremely environmentally sensitive route, passing through an iconic landscape of sparsely settled gritstone uplands with heather moorland and peat bog, wooded valleys and gritstone walls that was seriously damaged by off-roading activity from 600 4x4s and trail-bikes that went there every month, mainly at weekends. Vehicles left the highway, both to avoid difficult features and to link to Chapelgate nearby. A large amount of public funding had been spent on the route and the levels of use were damaging repaired sections. Attempts to partially restrict use by 4x4s and trail bikes using a voluntary one-way system and a Code of Conduct failed, making a permanent ban on vehicle use the only way to protect the route. Since this was implemented in February 2014 motorised vehicle use has drastically reduced.