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The Campaign for National Parks (CNP) has launched a survey asking what people value about National Parks, and what ideas they have for their future.

Fiona Howie, CNP's chief executive, said: “We are proud to stand up for National Parks. But, in our heart of hearts, we know they can be even better. To feed into our thinking about this, we are asking people to tell us what they think those changes could be.”

Sir Chris Bonington, mountaineer and Honorary Life Vice President of CNP, said: “Our National Parks contain a natural beauty equal to any that I have observed anywhere in the world. The fact that they have been preserved so well is due to the protection and loving care given by their status as National Parks.

We should never be complacent however. The needs of the people living within the Parks and of those visiting them, gaining so much from their beauty and character, have inevitably changed with the years. I’ve spoken out in the past about changes to National Parks that would be beneficial to local people and the economy. I think these kinds of things need to be discussed in this conversation that I warmly welcome. The challenge is getting the right balance.”

Ms Howie continued: “We need to make sure people are proud to live and work in the Parks, others can gain full enjoyment from visiting them, and their natural beauty continues to be enhanced. If National Parks are to remain special and valued for decades to come, we need to integrate these diverse needs.” 

CNP is encouraging as many people as possible to complete the survey to help shape the future of National Parks.

Ms Howie concluded: “Whether you think the Parks are brilliant just as they are, have thoughts on what could make sure the Parks are vibrant and sustainable for decades to come, or even if you’ve never been in a National Park because you don’t think they’re for you, we want to hear from you.”

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