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We have been fighting quarrying since the 1920s. We were delighted by the success at Backdale Quarry: the fight to stop the illegal and hugely damaging quarrying was one of the biggest in our 90 year history and a huge drain on our resources.

The latest threat of mineral extraction is much more serious. At a time when we need to cut down carbon emissions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, companies are planning to tear up our beautiful local countryside to extract shale gas by ‘fracking’. 

This is because the Government has reversed its promise not to allow fracking under our National Parks, despite fears over water and air pollution, the dangers of increased lorry traffic on narrow country roads, the noise and visual impact, and the fact that shale gas is a fossil fuel which will contribute to climate change. To avert this, we are planning to work with local communities to form a ‘no-frack’ cordon around the Peak.

Fighting Backdale took 13 years of persistent campaigning, taking a lead role in public inquiries, seeing the case through the highest Courts and getting legislation amended. This was just one part of the essential work we do every single day to protect the Peak District year after year.

Fracking now threatens the beauty and tranquillity of our local countryside, and we need your help to make sure it doesn’t happen. If you love the Peak District and its surrounding landscapes, please help us protect it from fracking.

Please click here to donate to our 'No Fracking' appeal today.