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We are welcoming plans for a handful of new homes in the national park – which mean local people can continue to live here.


Lack of housing is a problem in many rural villages, as house prices have rocketed and left people on low incomes unable to afford to stay in the area. We campaign for a living, working countryside with vibrant villages. Its policy on housing is to encourage affordable local homes to be built in suitable locations. All 14 of these proposed new houses will be owned by housing associations who will rent them out to people either living in the villages or neighbouring villages.


In Warslow there are proposals for six semi-detached houses on an disused industrial site. They will be built using local stone and have traditional detailing around the windows and doors, in keeping with the character of the village. 


"Most of Warslow is a conservation area, and this site is currently a bit of an eyesore,” says John King, our planning officer. “We welcome these houses which will not only improve the look of the village, but also provide affordable homes for local people.”


Over in Bamford, there are plans for eight new houses on the edge of the village. Although they will be visible from Brentwood Avenue and a nearby footpath, from other view points they will be well-screened by trees and hedges.


"Ideally, we’d like to see any new buildings on brownfield sites, but in Bamford there really aren’t any viable alternatives,” says John. “The houses will be very traditional looking and are close to the village so they won’t significantly harm the views of the valley. There is also some concern amongst residents about access onto Main Road. However if this can be sorted out to the satisfaction of residents and the highways authority, there shouldn’t be a problem.”