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Stop plans to run Manchester Airport relief road next to national park.


We are urging the Department of Transport to throw out plans for a new relief road from Manchester Airport running to the A6 at Hazel Grove on the outskirts of the Peak District National Park,


Plans are currently being assessed by the Department for Transport for creating a dual carriageway link road from Manchester Airport to the A6 Buxton Road near Hazel Grove, on the western boundary of the Peak District.

Anne Robinson, Vice President of Friends of the Peak District says “These plans would have hugely adverse affects on the national park and surrounding countryside. It actively encourages increased car and lorry freight journeys through a national park whose countryside and residents are already badly affected by high levels of traffic.   If this scheme goes ahead then the A619 and A623 would become attractive alternative routes between the M1 and the M60, M56 and M6. There would also be potentially further increases in traffic on the A619, A623, A624 and A57.


No attempt has been made to examine the impact this increased traffic flow would have on the special qualities of the Peak District National Park. This is despite the fact that increases of up to 33% in 2017 and up to 54% by 2032 are forecast on the A6 Buxton Road which at points is only yards away from the National Park.”


Anne Robinson says “Until we have seen a full examination of the impacts the increased traffic will have on residents and the countryside and how the authorities propose to mitigate against it, we object to these plans. The scheme clearly intends to encourage cross-national park car and lorry commuting to support economic growth in the Manchester City region. Economic growth would be much better achieved through urban regeneration and investment in public transport.”