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Along with local people we’re cheering the Peak District National Park planning committee’s unanimous decision to turn down plans to build 39 houses at the former cheese factory site at Hartington.

The committee heard from 24 speakers, 22 of them objecting to the scheme – including our planning officer John King. After hearing all the representations and discussing the evidence members refused it on the grounds that its scale would be out of keeping with the village and damaging to the landscape and character of Hartington.
The Hartington Liaison Group of local people, councillors and officers, set up to ensure local involvement, had carried out a village survey which revealed a large majority of residents opposed the scheme but would support up to 20 houses with community facilities.  An exhibition and public meetings were also held.
We wrote to the Peak District National Park Authority, along with Hartington Parish Council and 123 residents to oppose the proposal on grounds of scale. Traffic issues, encroachment on greenfield land and inadequate affordable housing were also cited. One resident wrote to support it. 
We think that developers will appeal if they decide not to come back with an improved scheme.