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Last week, the National Park Authority approved what will hopefully be the last quarry permission in the Stanton Moor area, with the support of the Friends.

Over the past ten years or so, quarry company Blockstone had been pushing for an extension to their New Pilhough Quarry (NPQ). We had objected to all previous proposals on the grounds they were inequitable as the tonnage of stone to be extracted at NPQ was not balanced by the amount of reserves they offered to 'trade in' at Stanton Moor Quarry, which forms part of the Scheduled Monument.

Finally Blockstone reduced extraction to 50,000 tonnes (their first application was for more than five times that amount!) which, on balance, we found acceptable.

We are very pleased that, working closely with the local community, our joint 'pester' power meant a solution could be found and that the end of quarrying in this very special area of the Peak is nigh.