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Plans for a huge new Tesco at Hattersley will bring mayhem to an already traffic choked area on the edge of the Peak District. We are urging Tameside Council to turn down plans for a new 8,750 square metre store,  plus car parking, petrol station and new access roads.



The traffic problems on the A628 are already horrendous and the last thing we need is an enormous new supermarket which would bring even more cars in to the area. The Highways Agency appears to believe that there would be no significant traffic impacts on the trunk route despite the fact that car trips are expected to arrive from Stalybridge, Hyde and further afield.


Hattersley lies on the edge of the Peak District with stunning countryside to the north and east. The new development would be built on open land along Hyde Road and beside Hurstclough Brook, which is Protected Green Space and separates Hattersley from Mottram. Local people value Hurstclough Brook and its woodland because they link Hattersley to the moors and provide a green space for recreation and children’s play.


We’ve also got serious concerns about what a Tesco of this scale will do to the “soul” of Hattersley. This large new store will suck the life out of surrounding local shops, small centres and the rural economy nearby.


The planning application is now being considered by Tameside Council. We’ve written a strong and detailed letter of objection and are urging local people to write to the council too to lobby for it to be refused.  You can view the planning application on Tameside Council’s website.