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We are horrified at plans for a massive bottling factory in a treasured spot of land near Buxton.  

Proposals for a five-hectare water bottling plant at Cowdale Quarry will eventually be part of an even larger 20 hectare industrial estate with extensive units and car parking.
“This scheme must not go ahead!” says our planning officer John King. “It goes completely against the council’s own planning policies, and will totally destroy a tranquil spot of local countryside.”
Cowdale has not been quarried since the nineteen fifties. Since then the site has reverted back to nature, and is very popular with local people for walking, climbing, picnicking and other recreational activities. The development would be visible from both the Peak District National Park and the Midshires Way long distance footpath.
“Cowdale Quarry is part of a really important buffer zone between the Peak Park and Buxton,” John continues. “It’s crucial that we stop industrial sprawl, noise and light pollution encroaching on our national park.”
We also have serious concerns about access to the development, and pollution in the area. 
“At the moment there is just a small track from the A6 to the site. Building an access road will mean blasting stone and felling significant numbers of protected trees. The massive increase in cars, vans and lorries to the site would also result in unacceptable noise, fumes and carbon emissions. It’s just not sustainable,” says John.
The planning application is now with High Peak Borough Council. We are among many local groups and people lobbying to get it refused.
“We are calling on anyone who values the tranquillity of our local countryside to write to High Peak Borough Council and demand that they refuse this outrageous application,” John adds.


Send your letters and emails to High Peak Borough Council’s planning department.