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Julian Glover’s independent review into England’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) has now been published and is available here:

Julian Glover wrote…

Since the Landscapes Review launched in May 2018, the panel and I have visited all of our National Parks and AONBs as well as many other non-designated landscapes, and talked to people who live, work in, visit and care for them. We held a public call for evidence that received around 2,500 responses and also carried out video ethnography to hear the perspectives of those we might not have reached. The views and evidence we have gathered have greatly shaped our findings and recommendations.

“We have found much to be proud of in our National Parks, AONBs and elsewhere, and much that can be done better still.

We think our national landscapes can work together better with bigger ambitions to be happier, healthier, greener, more beautiful and open to everyone. This is what our recommendations aim to achieve and we hope those involved in our national landscapes will work together to put them into action.

It is 70 years this year since Parliament came together to protect our landscapes. Our country has changed and so must the way we support people and nature. The next 70 years of our national landscapes will be incredibly exciting, and we hope our proposals enhance them.”