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We’re dismissing updated plans for a water bottling factory at Cowdale Quarry near Buxton. They’re barely any different from the last set of plans, and the factory would still be in the wrong place!

We celebrated last October when High Peak Borough Council unanimously rejected an application to build a five-hectare water bottling plant and distribution centre on the greenfield site. But now Express Park Buxton has made another application that includes moving the factory slightly to the east, reducing half the roof in height, and adding a green roof. We reckon this is a case of greenwashing – trying to make a huge, noisy, industrial development look like something green and sustainable.

The new plans make absolutely no difference to our arguments. This is still the wrong building in the wrong place. There’s still no need for it, and it’s still too close to the national park.

Cowdale is a beautiful spot in its own right. It is also is part of a really important buffer zone between the Peak Park and Buxton. It’s essential that we stop industrial sprawl, noise and light pollution affecting our national park. The plans go against the council’s own planning policies, and will destroy a tranquil spot of local countryside.

The planning application is now being considered by High Peak Borough Council. Please join us and the many local people and groups, including Keep High Peak Green and Cowdale Parish Council, lobbying to get it refused again – see the application on High Peak Borough Council’s website using reference HPK/2011/0182.