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Join us and say yes to Derbyshire County Council’s plans to close School Lane in Great Hucklow to all traffic.

School Lane crosses Great Hucklow Wood, an ancient and protected woodland site. Trail bikes and 4x4s are damaging the woodlands as well as the character of this track, and making it difficult for other people to use. We also have serious concerns about the safety of children and parents, as part of the route is an access to the local primary school.

We are 100 per cent behind Derbyshire County Council’s proposed prohibition of driving order for School Lane – and urge you to support it too.

Look at Derbyshire County Council’s letter about the consultation (but note that they’ve extended the consultation period) and then email your support to Dawn Bryan at

The consultation ends on 31 December 2010.

Off-roading user groups are organized and likely to be opposing this move in large numbers – so it’s crucial that as many people as possible show their support for our countryside. Let’s take back the tracks!