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Quarrying is rearing its head again at Stanton Moor. Blockstone Ltd has applied to extend its New Pilhough Quarry in exchange for giving up rights to quarry the more sensitive site of Stanton Moor Quarry which has permission to quarry until 2042.

We welcome this in principle because it fits with a local agreement made in 2000 to reduce damage in the central area of Stanton Moor by moving quarrying to less sensitive sites. But we’re not as daft as Blockstone must think we are! The new site has four times more rock in it – Blockstone estimates that there are 100,000 tonnes of workable stone at Stanton Moor Quarry, yet the potential extension at New Pilhough Quarry has nearly 500,000 tonnes. That’s hardly a fair swap – and not great for the National Park and environment!

We’ve just heard that the Peak District National Park Authority planning committee will be deciding the case in January. So please join us, Stanton in Peak Parish Council and local action groups in objecting on the Peak District National Park Authority’s online comment system quoting reference number NP/DDD/0811/0766. Or you can email your objections to