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The Government has published a second consultation on planning for new electricity lines. It has made some positive changes, but it is now proposing to weaken existing guidelines, known as the ‘Holford Rules’.

The Holford Rules state that new lines should avoid our most special landscapes including national parks. The Holford Rules have worked well since they were introduced in the 1960s and they are an important means of holding the industry to account. We want to see planning guidance strengthened to give better protection for the countryside by ensuring that the Holford Rules are enforced and are made the basis for decisions on new electricity lines. We also want to see more electricity lines placed underground and are calling for thousands of old pylons nearing the end of their useful life to be removed.

We represent the Campaign to Protect Rural England in the Peak District, and it is currently trying to put pressure on the Government. It wants people to send e-cards to the Government’s consultation, asking it to strengthen the planning rules on new electricity pylons to give better protection for our most precious landscapes.

Send your e-card today, it will only take a minute. The consultation deadline is 24 January 2011.