Fundraising and Marketing

We have a wide range of voluntary work that we’d like help with – whatever your age, experience, or time commitments. Below is a list of current volunteer vacancies in fundraising and marketing.

Events Volunteer

We arrange a number of events each year that it needs help in organising and promoting. These events range from lectures, concerts and walks.

What sort of volunteer help is needed?

We need help from someone or a small group of people who are willing to use their initiative to make sure our events work smoothly and successfully maximise our limited resources.

Skills we’re looking for:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Interest in publicity
  • Attention to detail and accurate record keeping
  • Confident to work with and approach people from different backgroundss

Fundraising Volunteer

Income from trusts is vital for our charity. We need someone to help with research and preparation for funding applications.

What sort of volunteer help is needed?

We need help from someone who can research different potential trusts and grant funding organisations and identify which ones could potentially support our charity’s projects. You would then help us as we write applications to these organisations.

Skills we are looking for:

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Attention to detail and accurate record keeping
  • Able to read through and understand complex information

Local Business Co-ordinator

Can you help us get support from local businesses? We need a group of volunteers to help identify and speak to local businesses about supporting us. Their support not only raises much needed funds for our work but also helps raise awareness of our charity to their staff and customers.

What things would a volunteer do?

  • Identify potential local businesses who could support us.
  • Help develop materials and ideas to attract businesses to support us.
  • Speak with businesses about the charity and ask if it is something they could help with.
  • Identify local businesses who we could be part of or speak to.

Door droppers

We need volunteers to help drop membership leaflets out to cafes, pubs and tourist business in the Peak District, Sheffield and other surrounding areas. This mainly takes place in March, April and May, and October and November. However much time you can offer is appreciated – from just one day through to a longer period. To find out more please contact Julie Gough.

Area fundraising volunteers

We need your eyes, ears, and…local knowledge. We’re looking for locals to be the main point of contact for our community fundraising in a particular patch of the Peak District. Please get in touch with Julie Gough for more information.

We’ll give you the chance to:

  • learn new skills
  • gain work experience
  • meet interesting people
  • make a positive contribution to the natural environment

We’ll also pay for your travel expenses and refreshments.

We’ll need from you:

  • a commitment to the task
  • a willingness to join in
  • flexibility
  • a couple of references

If you’re interested in any of these volunteering opportunities, please email Julie Gough telling us why you want to volunteer with us.