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We are strongly supporting Staffordshire County Council’s proposal for a 20mph speed limit on a mile long section of the Manifold Way between Swainsley Tunnel to its junction with Manifold Valley Road and Leek Road.

Motorised joy riders racing through the tunnel at Swainsley on the Manifold Way have been making conditions intimidating and dangerous for other users. The Manifold Way is a visitor destination of national repute within the Peak District National Park and a wonderful resource for walkers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders and those with restricted mobility. The section from Swainsley south to Wetton Mill is part of the minor road network, surfaced with tarmac and with an unrestricted speed limit of 60mph. At the northern end it begins with a 100 metre tunnel which, despite lighting, is dark and gives a distorted sense of distance, and has no acceptable refuges within its length.

The tunnel attracts motorists and motorcyclists to attempt time trials through it and there have already been several serious accidents. This places other users in jeopardy. We are therefore delighted that Staffordshire County Council are taking pre-emptive action and reducing the speed limit along the whole of this section to 20 mph. At this speed eye contact can be made between motorised users and others on the trail.

If you would like to support the order you can write to Deputy Chief Executive & Director for Place, Highways, 2 Staffordshire Place, Tipping Street, Stafford, ST16 2DH quoting reference HoCPS/TM/TR38/15

The order documents can be found here: