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We are delighted that the Peak District National Park Authority has confirmed the traffic regulation order for Washgate, banning use of the lane by all motorised vehicles at all times. Lying within the White Peak near Hollinsclough, Washgate provides a tranquil intimate walk that descends steeply on both sides of the River Dove to cross it through a distinctive and charming ford and on a Grade 2 listed pack horse bridge. The ban, which  came into force last week, will allow walkers, horse riders and cyclists to enjoy all that Washgate has to offer.

However, two historic named trials, the Bemrose Trial and the Reliance Cup Trial which use local green lanes and roads, will still be allowed to take place once each year providing their activities can be sustained on this sensitive route. We fully support these exceptions as the trials have been part of the local history of the area – the Bemrose commenced in 1921 and the Reliance Cup in 1911. They therefore precede the designation of the National Park, and are tests of skill rather than of speed and noise.