Our History

Some highlights

1924 We began as Sheffield Association for the Protection of Local Scenery.
1927 We became a branch of the Council for the Preservation of Rural England representing Sheffield and the Peak District. There was no statutory planning control, no Green Belt, and the Peak District was not a national park.
1931 Our first big success came when we raised funds to buy the Longshaw Estate and save it from development. We handed it over to the National Trust for future preservation.
1932 The first Town and Country Planning Act was passed, and six years later Sheffield introduced the very first plans to protect countryside from urban sprawl.
1938 Sheffield established the first Green Belt in the country, slightly pre-dating London’s
1951 Dues in major part to our lobbying and influence, the Peak District became the UK’s first national park.
1955 We stopped a 200 mph racing circuit being built just north of Dovedale.
1977 We helped save Longdendale/Woodhead Pass from a motorway.
2002 We re-branded ourselves as Friends of the Peak District.
2005 Created multi-£million scheme to remove ugly electricity poles and wires in PDNP.
2008 Saved Stanton Moor from devastating quarrying.
2010 Prevented illegal quarrying from further damaging Longstone Edge.
2012 Secured £500million to underground pylons in NPs.
2013 Secured Traffic Regulation Orders for Long Causeway, Chapel Gate and the Roych.